Join Honeycreeper Chocolate for one of our chocolate tastings! Experience an interactive chocolate tasting and learn about chocolate origins, chocolate makers, the making process, and more. All classes last approximately 1 hour and cost $45. Click here to purchase your tickets on our Eventbrite page. Find a description of the different tastings we offer below.


Craft Chocolate 101:

In Craft Chocolate 101 you will learn the about the process of making chocolate from bean to bar, step by step. Other topics covered will include where chocolate comes from, terminology relating to chocolate (ex. cacao vs. cocoa), and how to taste chocolate mindfully using all of the senses.

Four different chocolate bars will be sampled in a blind tasting format on our custom tasting sheets. You can record your tasting experiences directly onto the sheets. Bars sampled may be dark and/or milk chocolate. Water and plain crackers for palette cleansing will be provided, as well as pens to record your experience. No need to bring anything!

 Featured Maker Tasting:

Each month at Honeycreeper Chocolate we feature a chocolate maker doing amazing work with cacao. You’ll find information about this maker in a blog post on our website and social media posts throughout the month.

During this tasting you will sample four bars all from the month’s Featured Chocolate Maker. The countries of origin will vary and some bars may incorporate inclusions or infusions. The bars may be a mix of dark, dark milk, milk or white chocolate but they will all reflect the talents of the featured maker. Discussion topics will include the chocolate, the packaging, and the influence of geography and background of the maker as it pertains to their individual chocolate making style.

Staff Favorite Inclusion and Infusion Bars:

If you think a plain bar of chocolate is just too boring, then this tasting experience is for you! During this session you will taste the staff's favorite inclusion and infusion bars...fruits, nuts, herbs, booze...there will be something for everyone! Four chocolate bars will be sampled.

Single Country of Origin Tasting:

In this tasting you will be introduced to cacao from one country of origin. While the beans may come from the same country, the chocolate maker will always have a unique influence over the final chocolate made from those beans. 

Discussion will include bean origin and regional idiosyncracies and each chocolate maker's background and individual approach to chocolate making. 4 chocolate bars will be sampled.

Deciphering Chocolate Bar Packaging:

Ever looked at a chocolate bar wrapper and wondered what it all meant? In this class we’ll uncover the mysteries of chocolate bar wrappers. From the type of chocolate, to the origin of the cocoa, click-bait style buzz words, certifications, ingredients and artwork! We’ll look at both craft chocolate bar wrappers and supermarket brands. And of course you’ll taste lots of chocolate while you learn how to at least get some idea of what’s inside just by looking at the packaging.