This flavor guide does not serve as a current list of available flavors.
Current flavors can be viewed by selecting any assortment size from the main menu. 

Creo Chocolate


Orange Meltaway
Chocolate infused with orange juice, topped with candied orange peel. Enrobed in dark chocolate.

Decadent caramel surrounded by dark chocolate and crowned with a toasted wild native pecan.

Dark Chocolate Meltaway
Dark chocolate meltaway center, enrobed in dark chocolate

Black Lava Sea Salt
Creamy, chewy caramel covered in dark chocolate, sprinkled with Black Lava Salt.

Peanut Butter Cup
Rich, creamy peanut butter cup, enrobed with dark chocolate

Vietnamese Iced Coffee
Chocolate ganache flavored with premium Vietnamese coffee and a splash of sweetened condensed milk.

Spicy Passion
Enrobed in white chocolate. A burst of passion fruit flavor followed by the heat of Oregon grown peppers.

Earl Grey
A dark and milk chocolate ganache infused with earl gray tea for a civilized treat.

Dark ganache infused with vanilla. 

Nutty Crunchy
A small piece of hazelnut on top. Milk chocolate, hazelnut/almond praline paste and feuilletine, folded together to create a crunchy and flavorful center.

Passion Fruit Heart
White chocolate ganache infused with passion fruit and topped with a drizzle of dark chocolate.