This flavor guide does not serve as a current list of available flavors. To see what is currently available, please choose an assortment size from the main menu. 



Dark ganache infused with vanilla. 

Vietnamese Iced Coffee
Chocolate ganache flavored with premium Vietnamese coffee and a splash of sweetened condensed milk.

Earl Grey
A dark and milk chocolate ganache infused with earl gray tea for a civilized treat.

Nutty Crunchy
A small piece of hazelnut on top. Milk chocolate, hazelnut/almond praline paste and feuilletine, folded together to create a crunchy and flavorful center.

Spicy Passion
Enrobed in white chocolate. A burst of passion fruit flavor followed by the heat of Oregon grown peppers.

Passion Fruit Heart
White chocolate ganache infused with passion fruit and topped with a drizzle of dark chocolate.



Palet d'Or
Chocolate ganache from ‘Maralumi’ (Papua - New Guinea) plantation chocolate, decorated with gold.

Champignon Caramel
Foot in caramel with Bourbon vanilla pod, topped in croquant.

Ganache with dark chocolate and orange marmalade.

Ganache with dark chocolate and raspberry marmalade.

Caramel ganache coated with milk chocolate.

Almond and hazelnut praline, coated with milk chocolate and roasted almond grains.

Truffe Geante "Giant Truffle"
Ganache with cream and 'Riachuelo' plantation chocolate and decorated with cocoa powder.

Creme Brûlée
Dark chocolate shell filled with caramelized butter. 

Poppy & Peep

Nashville, Tennessee

Black Peppercorn & Rose
White chocolate shell filled with rose yogurt white ganache and black pepper gluten-free streusel.

Cherry Cordial
Dark chocolate shell filled with Maraschino Cherries and fondant filling.

Bourbon Caramel
Dark chocolate shell filled with bourbon caramel filling.

Lemon Strawberry
White Chocolate shell filled with strawberry jam and lemon ganache.

Honey Almond Butter
Milk chocolate shell filled with honey & almond butter ganache and a whole roasted almond.

Cocoa Nib Nougat
Dark chocolate shell with cocoa nib nougat filling.

Chocolate Fudge
Dark chocolate shell with chocolate fudge filling. 
*Valentine's Day Edition: Painted white shell with pink heart and polka dots. 

Birthday Cake
White chocolate shell filled with gluten-free vanilla cake with sprinkles and birthday fondant filling.

Hazelnut Praline
Dark chocolate shell with Hazelnut praline filling.

Vanilla Champagne XOXO
White chocolate infused with vanilla and champagne and painted "XOXO."



Lemon Burst
Good Food Awards winner! Lemon pâte de fruit and white chocolate lemon ganache in a 61% dark chocolate shell, hand painted with all natural colored cocoa butter.

Salted Caramel
Covered with 61% dark chocolate and finished with just a touch of Maldon Sea Salt flakes. This rich, buttery caramel is balanced by the salty, savory crunch of the Maldon flakes and the smooth dark chocolate.

Dark Raspberry
Dark chocolate ganache and raspberry.

Peanut Butter Crunch
Dark chocolate shell with a crunchy peanut butter filling. 


Provincetown, Massachusetts

Pâte d'Amande - Raspberry
Marzipan enrobed in raspberry infused white chocolate, topped with black sesame and salt.