We do our best to honor these and create connection by purchasing with intention, tasting with mindfulness and sharing with enthusiasm.




The chocolate you enjoy from Honeycreeper Chocolate makes a long journey from farm to bar, shepherded by many talented people along the way.

It is our goal to support a supply chain that offers farmers a fair price for cacao and one that values their prosperity. Our gratitude is immeasurable for the farmers who plant, nurture and grow cacao. The farmer’s job doesn’t stop there…they also harvest, ferment, dry and bag the cacao. Each is a crucial and laborious step affecting the quality of the cacao and the final flavor of the chocolate.

Chocolate makers take the literal fruit of these farmers’ labor and turn it into the decadent and flavorful chocolate that we all love to love! This doesn’t happen magically, but through long hours sorting, roasting, tempering, molding, wrapping, and tasting. In our opinion chocolate makers and chocolatiers are part mad scientist and part artist and we respect the hell out of them and their delicious creations.



Maybe something like chocolate exists on another planet or in another galaxy somewhere…who knows. What we do know is that the chocolate we adore, that has been used in sacred ceremonies, as currency and as a medicinal elixir is grown here on Earth, the planet all known living things inhabit. It’s our goal to honor our natural resources, and all living things to the best of our ability.

The Shining Honeycreeper, is an inspiring example of a species sharing the eco-system with cacao. She thrives in the forest canopy feeding on nectar and insects and serves as a reminder of the connection and interdependence of all living things.



We want to provide an exceptional chocolate experience every time you shop with us. Whether indulging in a bonbon, savoring a bar or dunking a marshmallow in a hot cup of cocoa, we hope that you enjoy your flavor experience and feel extra warm and fuzzy about it knowing that whatever the form your chocolate indulgence took, it was sourced with intention.